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December 25, 2007

All I can say is WOW! This is simply beautiful. Seeing all of these wonderful kids, makes me want more. Our little boy Topaz is such a winderful part of our family and we could not do without him. I can never thank you enough for him. Thank you for sharing on this web site.

Love you, and Happy New Year.

Catharine and Bob

Lola and Shelby
September 02, 2007
Lola and Shelby





Larry and Jenni

UniPoodle Rescue Alert
August 22, 2007
Harper The Unipoodle

Hi Aunt Katherine, I am sending this picture to you becuz I am appalled at my mom putting this unicorn thing on my head.  I feel so ashamed that I look like a unicorn. Mom says its to keep the broken hair in, and protect it. I hate it and I am going to rip it out the minute she turns her back. My dad is holding me to protect me from my mom making any more odd shapes out of my hair with rubberbands.  She is nuts, all she does is wrap up my hair, and a put millions of bands and wrappers in it.  I love my mom and dad, but this is the last straw. Lindsey and Emma laughed at me, I am so embarrassed.  My dad said you will want to come back to Michigan to get me, once you see this picture.  I sure hope so, because I just can't take all these rubberbands.  You never told me this would happen.

Love, Harper
(the Uni Poodle)

Posted On-Line
October 03, 2007
Dear Ann,

This is just a quick update on Poga (we renamed her to "Zucke," which means "sugar" in German but without the "r" at the end). It is pronounced somewhat like the German word "Suche" or "search." So we decided that Zucke means the "Sweet Search for the Meaning of Life." People can be so wonderful irrational when they love someone or something. Zucke is the most adorable, delightful dog that I could have imagined getting. She is so much fun and has a range of tempers; from almost shy to pogoesque. I went on a run with her on the beach and she had a great time. She is the favorite of my students and we had to almost pull her away from one of our friends who did not want to give her up. She is a delight. All I can say is 'Thank You' for breeding such wonderful dogs!

Kind regards, Lars
Agility finally...
June 13, 2007

Hi Ann,

I have waited and waited for my agility instructor to start a beginning agility class. At this rate when she does start one Charley will be stuck in a slow moving class for puppies. So I started a class by other instructors that just teach beginning classes during the summer months at a park.

Charley went to his first class last night with a group that has already met several times.  What a blast we had.  Charley was introduced to the tunnel, the A-frame, weaves and jumps in the first night and did excellent on them all.  He wasn't too sure about the tunnel at first but learned very quickly it was fun not dangerous. My corgis take life pretty seriously and as I had hoped Charley rocked and had a huge grin on his happy face the whole time.

He was the only dog that looked so happy, especially doing the jumps, and everyone commented on it. Of course I was the somewhat experienced handler in the group and the only one that had toys to keep him happy and motivated while waiting to take his turn. I have never had a dog that so outwardly demonstrated joy and happiness. I also have never had a dog that took me so unseriously.  If I am mad at him he is sure it couldn't be him.  He just doesn't get me being mad or himself being sorry for anything. I appreciate his confidence, he is such a fun little brat and always looking for the punch line. My hope is by the end of the summer Charley will advance enough that he can be moved into an intermediate class this fall with my regular instructor. 

More agility adventures to come. 


Charley - Nacho's Son

Lacy and Dolly at the Umpqua River
August 08, 2007
Lacy and Dolly

Hi Ann,

Last weekend Dolly got 2 more points going breed each day in Roseburg, Oregon. Here are a few pics we tool there in the river.


I am faint from excitement!
August 07, 2007

Hi Ann!

I was on the web tonight looking up a Labrador website - my girlfriend had a wonderful lab years ago from Shamrock Acres (Wisconsin I think)  and we were looking up his breeder for "old times sake".  (There is a story about him in the book I gave you -  about the mousetrap on the garbage can!)  Anyway, I was in the "dog surfing" mood.  So I thought I would just glance at your site to see if anything new.  I was absolutely stunned!  What a wonderful, wonderful job you guys have done.  The site is just stellar. 

And, then, as I am avidly reading every word I scrolled down and there is Little Miss D staring at me, looking all brand new, tidy and clean.  :-D  She was so cute!  When we first brought her home she learned to remove the toilet paper roll from the holder and "run" with it.  She doesn't do that anymore - it's  a little sad - our little girl is growing up.   She ,however, is delighted with her new fame and is going to be even harder to live with!

"Quill" is absolutely gorgeous.  How do you stand it!  For those of us into "hair" - he is a stunner. 

Well, after I lie down and rest from all this excitement, yep - you got it - another bath and a haircut!

Seriously, Ann, the web site is wonderful.  I am going to be putting up two sites next year and have been researching a lot and critiquing sites to make sure I get that "look" I want.  Your site really is great.  Very visually appealing, very readable, eye catching at the first page which is really important.  A great job. 

Miss D is proud to be a part of it all, proud of her lineage - yes, she is all the things you have bred for - precocious, audacious, - I just wish she wasn't up at 6 a.m. every morning!  :-D

I peeked at the nursery page................shouldn't have done that! 

Miss D sends love and licks.

BOB at World Show in Mexico
May 21, 2007
Amarula Alula Borealis

Dear Friends,
We've got exciting news to share: Amarula Alula Borealis "Loki" (daughter of Eng Am Ch Minarets Reach to the Stars and Amarula Kimbia Lola) won Best of Breed at the World dog show in Mexico and  became World Winner 2007 and Mexican champion. All this at a tender age of 1 year 8 month. As a breeder-owner-groomer-handler I am excited about this win.


Lucky II
July 02, 2005


Lucky managed to drive us home safely although I was worried that he was fast asleep all the while we were driving and I did not understand how he kept us on the road. He was off his feed Thursday and drank little water but when we stopped Thursday night he did a big leak and ate a little then back to sleep all night until the morning where he decided a little food [very little] a drink of water and going #1 & #2 a little play was in order until we left about 10:30 in the morning. We decided that I could drive straight through to Boise and arrived about 7:30 in the evening where I was exhausted and Lucky was well rested, hungry, thirsty and wanting to play and examine his new home. Well after being fed [not much but more than yesterday] and discovering his new play toys in the exercise pen the evening was over for him and he again slept all night. By this morning he was thirsty and hungry again [again more than last night] more play and finally a second poop since we got him before we went to the vet where he received an "A" on his report card, no shots were necessary since you had him up to date on everything and his next appointment is 27 July [shots to be included]. Lilian was always impressed with how smart Lucky I was but this evening she said that Lucky II is making him look as if he were dumb if they were compared. Anyway I guess I am saying that we absolutely love him, he is great and is already a friend. He has adapted to a leash readily without problem and can be corrected when he makes a mistake or gets to "nosey" with a firm "no" and maybe slapping a newspaper in your hand to get his attention. At his present rate I expect him to apply for his own drivers licence within this summer.

Again Thank you for Lucky II from the both of us as he will be the last dog we will have in our lifetime and the only real friend for either of us should the other pass on.

In Loyalty, Protection and Service
CWO3/ENCM, USN, Retired,
Bob G. [SWO/SS]

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