Charley at the Titans
December 01, 2008

I can’t help myself… Sunrise at the Titans.  He had a no maintenance traveling shave down so I bought him a fleece jacket for the cold mornings.

Our Baby
August 25, 2008
Molly1 Molly2

Dear Shirley!!

It was Mollys 1st Birthday yesterday and she had a great day!!  She's getting to be a big girl now and she is pure carnivore so she had pot roast!! HAHAHHAHA Molly is saying "GIVE ME MORE!!!" She is also a COOKIE MONSTER so she's eating oatmeal cookies as her cake. She didn't care for the ice cream BD cake much.

I made a little DVD and will mail them out soon. In the meantime here's some photos. 

She's a very happy girl and the love of our life!! Thanks!!

Love...Molly, Larry, Presy, Maggie, and Katie   

Chase Jumpers
August 03, 2008
Chase Diablo

Lucky Poodle Baseball Hat.  Check.
Lucky Happy Cow, Real California Cheese T-Shirt.  Check.
Lucky Run Clean Run Fast Collar.  Check.
Lucky Italian Charm Bracelets.  Check.
A local ASCA agility trial that takes day of show entries.  Check.
Big Girl Panties Firmly In Place.  Check.

Yes, that's right. It was Chase Chase Diablo's Agility D-D-D-D-Debut.


Duck Retrieving
September 28, 2008


The weather has been unseasonably warm, so Chase was able to do some water marks today.  He was retrieving some big mallards and, on the second retrieve in the video, he only had a grip on the wing.  The position of the big duck actually acted like a rudder and spun Chase in a circle.  He really had to fight to bring that wily (semi-frozen) duck to shore.

I don't know that we'll get to do too much more water work this fall, but he sure had a good time today.  :-)  (And, yes, that's Alex barking in the background.)


June 23, 2008
Molly & Veeda Veeda & Lacey

Poodle Review did publish a picture of me with Veeda my bitch and her son Lacey at my hunting club that I am a member of.  It would be hard for you to get a good look at him because it is just a front shot of the dogs.  Your stud dog must really be smart and full of energy because Lacey is so very smart!  I do hunting with the minis.  At my hunting club, they put the birds out, then my minis go out into the field with me and flush them into the air, I shot the birds and then if I am lucky, the dogs will retrieve them back to me.  That is the part I need to work on- the retrieve.  But the dogs do wonderfully.  Lacey is a nice solid boy,  more refined than his mother but still a nice solid dog.  Everyone is really surprised to hear that I hunt with the poodles.  But once they see them work they are really impressed and stop laughing!

You wouldn’t believe how quickly the dogs learned to sniff out the birds!  I just told them to “find the birds” and they went right out and found them!  At first Lacey thought it was a big fun walk, but around the 3rd time out, his nose kicked in and now he is even better the Veeda at finding the birds.  It is because he has a lot of energy and really works the field back and forth.  Veeda is slower but her nose is very good.  The gun shot doesn’t bother them at all.  In fact they get very excited to hear the shot now because they want that bird!


October 08, 2007

We took her to the beach yesterday, and discovered to our horror, that Pickle is possessed when there is a bird to chase.  She’s very strong, with amazing stamina.  Fortunately, there was no ranger, she chased only gulls, and we managed to tackle her before she disappeared into the fog or surf – only, I suspect, because the bird chose to come back where I managed to snag her with a lunge.  As we were watching this, I was wondering how I was going to explain her loss to you.  She went from the demure, obedient (even healing) Pickle, to a bird chasing fiend – the very instant she was off the leash.  At Tahoe, she was fine with Canada Geese, and resisted the water.  She’ll take a couple of steps after a bird, and drop it.  Not with these gulls.  Getting tossed by the surf didn’t even slow her down.  Thank goodness she wasn’t caught by the undertow.  We dodged a bullet.

PS – I never let her off leash in the city.  On wilderness trails, she has been fine off leash, staying close by, but running around a bit as dogs will do.  None of this crazy bird behavior.



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